SUCCESS! And setbacks.

Yep, we’ve had a success.  Well, actually it’s more like two but rolling them into one makes things easier.  What success am I rambling on about you ask?  A licked a chicken nugget and took two bites of a carrot stick.  But, not only did she take those two bites, she chewed and swallowed them!  Yes, that’s a big deal around here so stop rolling your eyes.

A loves carrots, but she has the hardest time swallowing them.  When chewing, she hits a point where it’s almost like she can’t feel the food in her mouth well enough to tell where it is so she can swallow.  She has been struggling with this for what feels like forever.  Anytime we have carrots, which is quite frequently, she tries one but usually after one bite, I have to clear out her mouth with my finger because she is gagging.  I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that she managed to swallow two bites.   Granted, she didn’t eat any more after that, but I really didn’t care.  She had two bites! She had two bites!

Happily she followed that success up with licking a chicken nugget dipped in honey.  Normally, it wouldn’t seem like a good thing, a kid licking their food, but it is such a major, major step forward for A that I’m still, three weeks later, over the moon about it.

When I started this blog, I had intended to post something every week.  Unfortunately, I did not reckon on the force that is A.  All the good intentions in the universe mean nothing to a child, special needs or not.  When they decide not to sleep or not to eat or throw hour plus long fits, there isn’t much you can do except hang on.

Regrettably, we recently and inadvertently created a situation that caused A to have a major backslide.   She had been doing so well using the potty, sleeping, eating, everything and within a week it was as if someone took a wet rag to the slate and totally obliterated everything.  Since we rectified things and “undid” the situation, A has slowly been returning to “normal.”  I just wish that was a quieter process.  Our whole household, small as it is, has been enduring endless tantrums and fits.

Okay, maybe not endless, but it sure feels like that way.

It’s hard to be positive and think happy thoughts when you feel like you are stuck in a dark room stumbling around to find the way out and the parameters keep changing.  But, in the words of Professor Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”