Wearin’ O’ the Green

It’s a little late but, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!  We have been so busy with some new (and mostly positive) developments with A that trying to find time to write (and sleep) has been next to impossible for me.

We, well actually I, decided that we were going to attempt going out to a street festival for St. Patrick’s Day.   Knowing that it would be busy, noisy, and have lots of smells I decided to gamble and go for it.  Happily, it turned out really well.

A and her brother both love music and were completely in their element with all the different forms of Irish music that were performed.  It was fantastic to watch my child who normally cowers from any sort of loud noise or busy group run up to the stage with her brother to dance (or try to anyhow).  She was happy as could be, as long as her brother was in sight anyhow.

And while she may look adorable wearin’ the green, she certainly wasn’t about to eat any of the green (or any other color there for that matter)!  We have discovered that A eating when we are out can be a bit dicey.  Thankfully, this particular street festival had a nice little park in the middle that was perfect for eating (especially since that’s where all the food was).  I had to have A sit on the ground behind her stroller where she couldn’t really see what was going on around her before she would eat her yogurt (it’s like American Express – never leave home without it). But, we made it successfully through the day giving me hope that we can repeat this experiment again.

Of course, after the weekend was over she fell apart and has been struggling with chewing and swallowing almost anything thicker than yogurt.  She hasn’t given up though, and if she hasn’t we are not about to either.




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