Earplugs not included…how eggciting!

Yeah…it’s been one of those weeks.  The  kind where food flies, ear drums are tortured, and sleep is nothing more than a myth.  More of the wonderful ups and downs that make this one unique adventure.

Recently, A learned how to say “egg”. The fact that it actually applies to an object dawned on her in the grocery store.  She delighted herself by pointing  and yelling out “EGG!” anytime she saw an egg carton, or anything resembling an egg for that matter.  It was fantastic – not only was she using a word, but it kept her from screaming her way through the store again.  Yeah, I’m THAT parent.  The one with the child who falls apart in the grocery store, doctor’s office, anywhere that happens to be public.  It’s not something that happens all the time, but on her bad days there are no good times when you have to get shopping done.  Those are the days when earplugs should be standard issue as soon as she wakes up!

After listening to almost an hour of “EGG!  EGG! Mama, EGG!” on our last grocery run,  I found an upside to her obsession with the word.  She wanted to eat an egg.  So I dutifully hard boiled a few eggs and began to peel them.  Much to my surprise, A helped.  I figured it was a positive sign that she was actually touching the shell-less hard boiled egg and not crying.  She happily held her egg, showed it off, and went to take a bite.  Well, it made it to her lips and then she decided that maybe this wasn’t the best idea.  Solution?  Egg salad!  After all, finely chopped egg is fairly benign right?  WRONG!  She gagged and we are back to the not eating sandwiches thing again.

Oh well.  What can you do?  At least there’s always yogurt!


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